You do you, babe.

Each person will have a different view on you. Depending on the lens they are looking through, how they view themselves, what the circumstances were when they met you, how you two vibe together, how open minded they are and if they’ve established expectations of you from outside sources.

Each person may have been present for the same story, but will have different feelings about the same situation. They have their own truths.

You can find many different people that would say they love me for their own reasons. And you can find people that may have lost love for me for their own reasons.

But, I’m not made for everyone to like me. Hell, I don’t have to like everyone made, either.

But I’m deep enough into understanding now that we’re all human, we all have different layers to us and that we flow through seasons of change. You do you, I hope you keep growing and I’m gonna keep doing me too❤️

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