Undivided Attention

Have you ever spent time around someone and felt as though they weren’t actually ‘there?’

Their body is physically beside you, but their mind is mentally somewhere else.

You can say something and the response you receive is one of ‘hot air.’ There’s no thought to it, no substance, no emotion, there’s no vibe to the conversation.

The lack makes you frustrated, disappointed. The engagement is nowhere to be found. You’re asking yourself “why the fuck am I even here right now?”

-This is what it’s like to deal with someone not mentally present.

Just because you’re in the same physical space as someone else, does not mean connection is being cultivated. If there’s no interaction, where’s the soul seeing and spirit hearing being shared here?.

-Kids are the greatest gift of example because they don’t have all the filters just yet, they still throw out reactions. So if you have kids, have been around kids, or maybe even notice this in yourself as a kid… what did, or do you do, to get attention?
What do kids do, to gain engagement with their parent? It usually looks like any way we can figure out how to get it… & these childhood antics, they become adulthood habits.

So what does undivided attention look like?
no phone as a third wheel, eye contact with body language following, listening to hear & understand, compassion, having related responses or inquisitive questions that create depth, being interactive in play, etc. etc.

Now, I want you to pause, maybe even close your eyes, and think back on a time you had someone’s undivided attention, how did all of these actions make you feel?

Feel into that.

Sit with being seen and heard.

How does it feel?

equip yourself with understanding & apply forward.

Watch your relationships and inner being flourish. ✨

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