What does it mean to connect mind to body?

Neurotransmitters within the brain work on the chemical level as messengers, sending and receiving signals through the spinal cord, which make up your central nervous system. This highway of information is responsible for all the signals that produce the functions of the body in order to keep it alive – telling the heart to beat, for the lungs to breathe and the organs to digest, etc. It also shows us that what we think, feel and ingest, can effect us in different ways. Take anxiety for example, it slows down the digestive organs but may speed up the beating heart. This shows that our emotions and feelings create physical sensations and energy inside the body. As we use our mind to become aware of the sensations inside the body, we can use this knowledge to our advantage. We have the opportunity to hijack the highway & consciously create our own signals, like slowing the heart by focusing on the breath, or activating a muscle to it’s fullest potential.

Mind body connection improves the balance and harmony within our body’s systems, softens the rigidity we can experience within our energetic system and influences the maintenance of our overall health and being.

Join me in person, for a socially distanced yoga & meditation event, intuitively designed with grounding in mind. Bringing you back into your body so you can enjoy what it is to be present; switching out of the auto pilot mode of survival and easing into stability, helping you find the universal flow. Within each workshop you will find elements of Breathwork, Meditation, Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin – allowing time for movement, stillness and above all, energetic release. Each class will be unique but held with the same principals – mind, body & breath connection. Held at the serene Barn Up The Hill in Vernon, BC, just 2 minutes from BX Cidery.
Investment: $35

Everyone will be required to supply their own mat for this event – Sanitized Blocks and Bolsters will guide you to your personal mat placement (if you own your own props, please feel free to use them instead.) There will be hand sanitizer on site, please use it upon arrival & please do not come if you are sick! This will be a touchless event, meaning no hands on adjustments or hands on grounding will be provided at this time. For your own comfort, along with your yoga mat, it is highly recommended you bring water and a blanket or beach towel, especially for under the knee cushion. Parking for this event is located on the marked grassy hill, on the right, just beyond the driveway to the barn. From there, enjoy the grassy path that takes you up and over the garden where you will get the full view of the beautiful barn in all it’s glory!

Mind.Body.Breath. – End of Summer 2020

Please clear any physical activity with your physician before engaging. This is a practice at your own risk event, Amy will guide with safety and support in mind but Amy Skinner Yoga will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur. Listening to your own body’s needs & limitations, modifying or resting as need be is strongly reminded, as you know how it feels to be inside your body better than anyone.