Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

“Brave Girl,

promise me, you will not shrink yourself

in order to make others feel comfortable.”

This was me. I used to shrink myself so small for the sake of others comfort. Sometimes that version of me still has it’s days. I used to be so concerned with everyone else’s feelings that they actually trumped my own. Or maybe I’d find myself in turmoil over wanting to make sure they weren’t upset but still also really wanting to do the damn thing, to shine my bright light. Eventually I got to that point where I compromised myself so many times for the same person(s) and still got nowhere with them, that it shook me into seeing the outside-looking-in viewpoint. It didn’t fucking matter what I did or didn’t do because they were miserable on their own. And then it dawned on me, what a dick…. they gave more of a shit about them and so did I. So, who was giving a shit about me?

I took my ‘give’ back. I turned it towards myself instead. I stopped adding to my own problem. I started saying yes to the small stuff instead of shying away. I started saying yes and learning how to not feel guilty for it because I knew I wasn’t against them or anyone else. I was just FOR myself. Finally.

Once I got more comfortable with the yes avenue, the snowball effect began… I started to grow myself and continued to see I wasn’t hurting anyone by shining. To my welcomed surprised, there were people out there that actually celebrated my light and love and nourished it to grow even brighter! I outgrew those that tried to trash my own process – because they couldn’t figure out their own. And in turn, I saw it wasn’t that they were against me either, they were also just for themselves and I happened to be collateral.

So, it’s gone full circle now and I have the understanding that there’s no competition. There’s room for us all to shine, to heal, to grow. But you gotta focus on YOU. Work from the inside out… then let those beams shine out of your bright and sunny smile as big and loud as they are ❤️ why? BECAUSE WE NEED ALL OF THE LOVE IN THIS WORLD WE CAN GET. all of it.

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