In 2017, I took my 200hr YTT, granting me a certification within the hatha, vinyasa and yin modalities. I trained under Christina Raskin, Melanie Palis and a few guest teachers of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. For 6 months, I dedicated my weekends to diving in deep to my internal layers and expanding my anatomy awareness to guide students in both yoga and fitness atmospheres. I saw just how aligned yoga was for me at the time.

Hungry to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the Yin practice and Chakra systems, I traveled to Sorrento, BC, to train under Reanna Costa to achieve another 50hrs, in the fall of 2018. I fell deeper into curiosity of the nervous system because of this training and leaned harder towards the softer side of life. I nurtured the mind body connection fuller than I once had.
December of 2019, I took Reanna’s “Rewire Your Nervous System” training where I learned practices in regulation, trauma, energy, intuition and exposing another layer to the mind body connection. I truly solidified how much experiencing something for yourself is the best teacher.

At the end of 2020, after a wild year for so many, I felt called to nurture myself once again. This time exploring more meditation, energetic hygiene and deepening my understanding of spiritual connection through consciousness. I feel there is much to unfold, as usually happens after spending much time on myself. The year 2021 has me excited without even knowing yet what I’ll be offering others. For now, integration is taking place and I am honoring this experience, resting & turning inwards.

Splitting time between Vernon, and Maple Ridge BC, I bring yoga, mindfulness and space holding to those that seek it.
I’ve hosted workshops, retreats, private & corporate classes, worked in studio & online and continue to expand my reach.

Enjoy a FREE online class with me and explore others posted to my YouTube page.

An in person option for you and just the people you want to spend your time with! Join me for an intuitively led 1 hour practice to suit your needs that evening, whether it’s a fiery flow, a gentle bit of movement, a deep stretch for the tight muscles or a mix of all 3. Spend time in peace of mind and connect your mind back into your body. Please contact myself or Local Collective directly to arrange a time slot for you & your crew!

4 bubble friends = $60 + tax ($15/person)
5 bubble friends = $70 + tax
6 bubble friends = $80 + tax

During the summer of 2020, I hosted 2 series of my Mind Body Breath collection. An experience to soften back into the body and conscious state, allowing energy to flow freely once again. It was so nice to be able to reconnect in person to other humans and enjoy the beautiful, serene space that Barn Up The Hill has to offer. (Check them out if you haven’t!)
It was a fantastic event and a beautiful turnout of humans that were ready to join me in the experience of movement, stillness and self awareness after a few tough months of separation.