Release Yourself

Release Yourself Workshops, Intensives, Retreats and now Online Membership started in the beginning of 2019 with my co-host, Lea Morrison. What started out as 2 hour workshops, using her powerful energy healing and my intuitive teachings of yoga, we came together to bring magic to the people. We are masters at holding space for letting go, leveling up and spreading more love in this world. As we hit the ground running, successfully selling out our workshops, we branched out into retreats and intensives to bring a more complete package of support. Release Yourself started in the lower mainland, branched out into the okanagan area and now we’ve added in hosting online for a consistent space of personal development through mind body healing. Click the pic below for a special first month offer of $0.99!

Release Yourself has been hired by companies and corporations to provide their staff with professional development by using the approach of personal development. Your business is undoubtedly smoother when the wellness of your staff is high. When we focus on our own mental, emotional, physical and energetic wellness, all areas of our life improves & what’s that saying? business is the people? Not all of us were given tools to manage stress, or perhaps we have strayed and forgotten the potency of applying the tools. Stressful events can be found in every facet of our lives. What happens in a persons personal life, effects their job performance and vice versa. Lea and I carefully curate each workshop, intensive or retreat based on the needs and energy of the collective group. Through yoga, energy healing, trauma informed coaching, sound therapy, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, intuition and journaling, we bring as many modalities as we are trained in to provide you with the best of us. Whether it’s looking at our limiting beliefs, exploring the stories in our minds, adding stress management tools to the toolbelt, what mind body connection even is and all things “How-To,” we are here to hold space and dive in to consciousness together for a greater quality of life. If you would like to hire us for your company’s wellness needs (yes, we travel) please email

“There is a story in all of us that deserves to be told. A story that lives within our bodies, our minds, our language. During any one of these offerings you will learn not only the story that has been holding you back, but the story you are longing to live, with purpose and passion.”

-Release Yourself Healing

SOLD OUT!Release Yourself Retreat is happening on Gambier Island in 2020 at Campr Fircom! 4 days, 3 nights, October 2nd-5th, 2020. A time to unwind from autopilot and head into mindful activities, bringing you back into connection with yourself while inducing some deep belly laughs. You are sure to leave this weekend feeling lighter, renewed and ready to bring some new tools into your daily life!
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