Grieving Through Covid

There’s something to be said about a room of collective intention and energy.

I’m having a day where I’m really really missing that.

I’m starting to recognize on a deeper level, the massive give and take that teaching provides me. I get my fulfillment from the supportive energies within the room. I am someone that finds fulfilment in acts of service and that cultivation of connection through direct support.
With teaching, I feel like a vessel.. I tap in, feel out the energies and let my intuition guide me into delivering what feels like is needed at the time.

Some of my most favourite classes have been off the cuff, go with the flow, let the vibes lead the way, sort of class. When everyone is there and in it with you – You know the ‘it’ I’m talking about.. The breath is freer, the movement feels so fluid and the heart sings it’s heart song.

The best thing I can compare it to, is when everyone at a concert knows the words and sings along, or the wave flows around a room and everyone joins in. Or even within this time and space right now – the collection of cheers echoing through the streets of Vancouver, at shift change, in appreciation for the frontline workers. The chills you get from these collective moments… that’s what I feel when I teach.

In this moment, I’m just letting myself grieve… we’ll be back together soon. I know we will.

I just really miss you all, both past and present students ❤️ I’m grateful for all you’ve shared with me along the way. YOU are the reason I love what I do.

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