Check Yo’ Self


fun fact:

I am a yoga teacher and still wouldn’t label myself as ‘flexible.’

I haven’t been able to do the full splits since I was about 10, my hips don’t like frog pose, my hamstrings have been killer tight, my range of motion within my pelvis is larger than 90 degrees (sitting on the floor with legs out makes my low back round & knees want to bend) and my back bends have soooo far to go.

But you know what? All of that is just subjective. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I try to steer away from labeling if it can be helped.
Because to what someone else’s level of flexibility looks like, mine could be amazing. Or it could be pretty mediocre at best.

I’ve been learning to take my mind more off of goals when it comes to my body and focus more on how it feels – make the ego step aside.

I don’t worry about focusing on getting the splits down anymore, (I actually cannot remember the last time I attempted them) or the fact my back bends may not look very impressive from the outside onlooker.
I’m choosing to focus more loudly on how my body feels in any of the poses I’m doing. (And learning how going back to basics can be amazing.) Because with my consistency, my body is going to naturally progress over time anyways. So, I’m looking at where I am feeling within the noooowwwwwww instead of where my ego says it wants to be at. I’m checking myself before wrecking myself. 😉

So honestly, when people tell me their own self doubt about not being flexible enough (as a mainly nervous reaction to yoga) it becomes another reminder for myself, to explore where that comes from and why.

And as I learn about me, through my own experiences and those of viewing others, I then integrate them into my classes, my daily life and my writing. I take what works for me, what makes sense in my mind and I leave out it there for anyone else that might see value in it as well. 🤲🏼

P.s. if the ego is getting too loud.. what’s the fastest way to touch your toes?
Bend your knees 😉😉😉😉

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