“Dad, You’re Free”

My dad’s declining health and his temper tantrums made me angry. Why was my emotion of anger? Because I felt like he didn’t care about himself enough. Because he should have eaten better. Because he wasn’t the person I knew and he didn’t know how to interact anymore. Because I saw no light at the …

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Grieving Through Covid

There’s something to be said about a room of collective intention and energy. I’m having a day where I’m really really missing that. I’m starting to recognize on a deeper level, the massive give and take that teaching provides me. I get my fulfillment from the supportive energies within the room. I am someone that …

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Lasting Impressions.

There were only a handful of moments from 2011-2015 while my dad was sick, where he said some real shit he’d never said before. Things I’ll never forget because having him emotionally connected like that wasn’t something he was too great at. He’d just never been shown as a child. He did the best he …

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