Mermaid. Care Bear. Lover of Love.

With a calm demeanor and loving spirit, Amy Skinner is the tallest care bear in the crew. Her heart is the first thing to step into a room while her bright smile delivers the rest of her inviting energy. Amy realized she started planting seeds of consciousness and empowerment early on in life after she discovered what it felt like to burn and learn. Through her own experiences and feeling the depths of despair, she always came back with more love to give and a desire to help others. Personal development was a naturally grown habit for Amy growing up – from allowing herself to feel the lows, she was also able to feel the highest of highs. This allowed her to shift perspective over her sensitivity from once viewing it as “too much,” like an anchor that wouldn’t let her get anywhere, to embracing the flow of the ups and downs and finding the most synchronicities life has had to offer. She continues to step into greater ownership of this beautiful intuition through feeling all the feels and supports others to become aware of their own needs for emotional regulation. Forever a student of the universe, she continues to embrace her humaness and unlearn the subconscious habits that hold her back from doing so while sharing her discoveries with the world.


Amy’s yoga teaching style favours the mindfulness of bringing the mind back to the body. Whether it’s a Vinyasa Flow, Hatha or Yin style practice, she will have you engaging in the mind muscle connection that allows you to both strengthen and soften where needed. By consistently connecting movements to breath or even simply drawing the awareness back to breath, Amy creates another link to self regulation and maintaining presence. She is well versed in teaching beginners and has even created a few regulars when it comes to the practice. Her detailed instruction not only helps beginners, but it challenges the regulars to stay mindful & dig deep through whatever the pose brings you that day. With a “take what fits, leave the rest” attitude she adopted from Brene Brown, Amy also advocates for listening to your body’s needs and limitations in order to create a safe and enjoyable practice. Coming to her personal favourite part of class, the final Savasana, she’s been known to rock souls into blissful states with her soothing voice and words that flow from intuition. Many have left her class feeling relaxed, cared for and ready to take on the day. Oh, and she also creates playlists you’ll definitely want to write home about.